Our Services

St Cath’s is a diverse community.
Some of our members have been Church-going Anglicans their whole lives. Some have even attended St Catharine’s their whole lives! For these people we have a 9.30am service that is traditional in style, with traditional hymns.
Some of our members have never been involved in Church before, or not for many years. Our younger members want to feel that when they invite friends from school, the experience won’t be too hard to understand or be part of. For these people we have an 11am service that is relaxed in style, with modern music, lots of laughing and something for all ages.
Although we pray differently we are one community, so we always get together for breakfast between services at 10.30am.

Where Will You Find Us?

We are on the corner of Kooyong Road and Clarence Street. There are steps at the front entrance. Pram and wheel chair access is available through a side door next to the Hall.
At 11am there are usually people scattered between the Hall and the Church. You will find tea and coffee available at the back of the Church and different places you can sit. The band will be playing music as people come into the service.

What’s it Like?

There are different places to sit in the Church. There are pews with colourful cushions on them, there are tables and chairs and a couch area at the back. There’s also a toddler play space. You can sit anywhere you like and just watch if you want. You don’t have to participate or believe what we believe. You are welcome to just listen and watch as a spectator. 
We are a new Church so the group may feel intimate, but that doesn’t mean you have to join in everything we do. People will say hi to you, but no one will pressure you to have a long conversation or sign up for anything. If people want to get more involved there are ways they can choose that for themselves. We make lots of information available online.
The vibe is relaxed. People are relaxed with each other as well as with God. Leaders will pray to God throughout the service, talking to Him as though He is in the room – because we believe He is.

What Will We Do?

The service usually goes for 90 minutes, finishing no later than 12.30pm. People often come late and leave early if they have other commitments, like sport, and that’s okay.
We always start the service with songs and then hear some stories from the week. Then we do something for children. After this, someone will read from the Bible, someone will teach about the Bible reading and then we share communion. After the service there is a place in the church where we pray for people. We take up a collection but you won’t be asked to give any money.

Where Can I Park?

There are always plenty of places to park in the surrounding streets on a Sunday morning. There is also a small car park behind the Church, which has a weird entrance, which you are welcome to use. There is a tree in front of the entrance on the footpath which we aren’t allowed to cut down, you have to kind of curve around it (weird, yes).

Where are the Toilets?

In the downstairs Hall. There’s a baby change table in there too.

Some Common Scenarios:


But I’m Roman Catholic …

No worries. We believe there is only one Church. Some of our members are Roman Catholic; some go to a Roman Catholic Church as well. We love the Catholic Church and we respect Catholic heritage. You are welcome to come to our Church. You don’t have to stop being Catholic to be part of our community.

But My Partner Doesn’t Want to Come …

We respect your relationship. Some of our members come with their whole family and some don’t. That’s fine. Don’t let being on a different page to your partner stop you!

But I Don’t Believe Everything the Bible Says …

St Cath’s is a place where it’s okay to disagree with the teaching you hear.

But I Used to Go to Church and it was Bad …

Then St Cath’s is the place for you. We don’t pretend to be perfect. We make mistakes too, but we don’t make excuses for spiritual, sexual or emotional abuse in the Church, nor do we tolerate it.