Child Protection Statement


Endorsed by the St Catharine’s Church Council on 21 December 2013


At St Catharine’s we are committed to providing a safe environment for children to come to    Jesus freely and without hindrance (Matthew 19.14). We seek to provide activities that are engaging and relevant to children and young people. We use modern technology and music in worship and teaching, as we strive to develop creative and imaginative activities for children of all ages.


All of our staff and volunteers who work with children have police certificates, Working With Children’s Check’s and are engaged in ongoing training. They are also subject to diocesan child protection policies (more details below), which stipulate mandatory reporting and all criminal matters are  referred to the police. New volunteers are never appointed without appropriate background and reference checks. Any church activities involving children must be supervised by at least two adults with a current Working with Children licence.


St Catharine’s does not and will not tolerate abuse against children. In all that we do as a church we seek to love one another as Jesus has loved us (John 13:34-35) and to love our neighbours as ourselves (Mark 12:33). We understand that this love calls us to show mercy and forgiveness (Matt 18:22), to welcome all repentant sinners (Luke 17:3), as well as to     establish appropriate relationship boundaries (1 Corinthians 5:9-13). This includes removing the person who does evil from among us, if necessary (1 Corinthians 5.13).


We are grieved by incidents of abuse against children in the Church and express our deepest sympathy to all victims, without making excuse. We know that the Lord Jesus is also grieved by abusive behaviour in His Church. At St Catharine’s we are committed to walking in the way of truth and supporting abuse victims.

Duty of Care: ‘A Shared Responsibility’ – A Handbook for Leaders of Youth and Children’s Ministry
(A Protocol of the Anglican Church in Australia)